The Low Riders

If you are a Lizzy fan then this should turn out to be a real treat for you!

Currently The Low Riders are touring Europe together with Original Thin Lizzy member mr. Brian Downey as “Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous”

The low riders are an Irish band that celebrates the life and music of Philip Parris Lynott and Thin Lizzy. Not so much a tribute band but a Labour of love, Lizzy fanatics providing a soundtrack for other Lizzy fanatics. Praised for their authenticity, they approach the music with class, style and soul.

Stalwarts of the annual ‘Vibe for philo’ pilgrimage in Dublin each January, the guys make only a handful of appearances every year, with that they are both pleased and excited to be part of this Year’s Dutch tribute to Phil and Gary called “Remember Phil & Gary”.

Brian Grace lead guitar. Brian’s c.v. reads like a who’s who of the Irish music scene, at the moment he divides his time between thin Lizzy Legend Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous and the Commitment’ s Andrew Strong Band

Phil Edgar lead guitar: Phil is a blues/sleaze rock aficionado who got his start with “big Johnson and the potent seedz’ as well as ‘Pete Schitt and the K Boyz’. At the moment he treads the boards with proto thrash pioneers ‘Sweet Savage’ and thin Lizzy Legend Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous.

Eamon Ferris Drums: Eamon Ferris is a Belfast based drummer/percussionist who like his low riders compatriot Phil , got his start with ‘Big Johnson and the potent seedz’, followed by stints with ‘Rythym method’ ‘liquid groove’ And international irish blues artist ‘Grainne Duffy’

Matt Wilson Bass/vox: Is an Irish vocalist cum musician primarily known for handling bass and vocal duties with thin Lizzy Legend Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous as well as portraying Judas in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s rock opera ‘Jesus Christ superstar’ and a young bobby Womack in the ‘Womagic’ Stage Musical.