The Night

In 2018, we celebrate the 7th Remember Phil & Gary. The event will be held on the 27th of January 2018

Remember Phil & Gary is an evening where we will celebrate the artistic lifes of Phillip Parris Lynott and Robert William Gary Moore. Having a beer (Guinness is one of our sponsors) and most of all enjoy their music together with fans. (or as Phil use to say supporters). The venue will turn in an irish one this evening.
Music lovers, rock lovers but most of all lovers of the music of Phil Lynott, Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy. They left us a big legacy of great music. Music wich inspired millions of musicians. Music still played by the greatest and the most famous bands in the world nowadays. Have a regular look at these pages and maybe contribute by sending us your story.

The 27th of January in the Bosuil in Weert  
We hope you will enjoy this website but most of all join us on this evening
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