Julia Young’s story

My name is Julia Young ,I met Philip at the Speakeasy club the night after I had seen him on Top of the Pops. Lizzy had just got Whiskey in the Jar on it, I was at the club and went to the ladies room, as I came back I heard a voice say “Would you like to come to a party”? I turned to see the singer in the band I’d seen the night before ,I said to him I’d have to ask my friend who was talking to some friends .I held Philips hand and lead him to her ,she agreed and we all piled in my little Triumph Herald ….me, Philip Jan, Frank Murray and Peter Green. The party was behind the Hilton in London.

I was seeing Philip on and off for a few years ,the last time I saw him was at Top of the Pops in 1976……I have things he gave me still which I treasure …Im very privaliged to have had him in my life ,he was a beautiful soul,who is sadly missed.

Julia Young